I was born in a small town in Northern Europe, just after the break up of the Soviet Union. Growing up, we did not have much so buying better lasting garments, shoes and everything in-between were extremely important. There was no such thing as fast-fashion. Everything was either made well and cost more or you purchased items from second-hand shops. Alternatively, you’d know someone who could make something for you from scratch.

Life was, arguably, more sustainable then. But globalisation brought economic growth and as most industries expanded their offer, the fast-fashion industry also blossomed. With more cheap production,  more styles, more affordable things to choose from, we entered an era of polluting disposables.

With an appetite for science, love for the environment and the need to lead a positive life, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 2013 and with a Masters of Research in 2015, both degrees were in conservation science. Since then I worked with Luxury fashion brands that emphasised heritage and quality. I also worked with conservation, health and sustainable development charities and founded the primate conservation campaign: Primates Are Not Pets.

Disturbing fast fashion and appreciating craftsmanship

The fashion industry is one of the most fresh-water polluting industries on the planet today. Accounting for up to 10% of the world’s CO2 emissions, only second to oil. Fast fashion’s use of synthetic fibres contributes to plastic pollution and a quarter of all chemicals used are attributed to this industry.

By choosing better quality and longer lasting items from ethical and sustainable sources we can reduce our impact on the planet, support local trade and even save some hard-earned cash. So through this blog, I want to help women choose quality over quantity, feel more empowered with their choices and have a better relationship with money.

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