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Equality & Coffee | The Pantry, Marylebone

On a typical Sunday morning I am up at 7am. I do not allow myself to indulge in extra sleep, for that is almost guaranteed to give me a migraine. My strict sleep schedule cannot be altered. But, that only gives me more of the Sunday to enjoy! Last Sunday, luckily, was warm and sunny. Although, the weather forecast lied – it predicted cloudy, chilly weather. This was, nevertheless, a pleasant surprise. To start my day early, I dressed quickly and headed to Pantry – a coffee shop in Marylebone. It sits next to one of my favourite restaurants Fucina, which I reviewed here. I ordered some tea and waited for my friends to arrive.

The outfit

I recently purchased a t-shirt from People Tree. You may remember it from a post I published during our last bank holiday. It absolutely channels my inner spirit – the outspoken feminist. It is also made from super-soft, organic cotton. Delicate and comfortable. I wore another recent purchase – circle skirt by Uniqlo and completed  the look with Hèrmes ballet pumps and a Mulberry purse.


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  1. Tabitha says:

    I love the outfit and the pictures! My mom and I suffer from migraines so I know it can take all you have to get up and do something. Great post.

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