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Cubitts: Best Luxury Glasses Under £130

The new Cubitts shop on Jermyn Street is one of my favourite places. The facade features traditionally curved glass frontage and hardwood joinery with deep blue glazed tiles and a gold leaf sign. Inside, a 1920’s decor awaits you. “Using traditional materials and rather elegant detailing, the walls are clad with walnut mouldings, concealing an eye examination room. The floor uses bold, tessellating geometric tiles, a nod to former resident Sir Isaac Newton. The desks have been made using a palette of walnut, brass and marble.” – Cubitts.

“Our frames are made in the traditional way” – Cubitts

Cubitts produce timeless, sophisticated and elegant spectacles and make them using traditional techniques in Britain. Thus, reviving brilliant and historic craftsmanship and selling a piece of it to the public at an affordable price.

“Our frames are made in the traditional way and go through fifty crafted stages of production over a period of six weeks including four separate stages of polishing to ensure a glorious lustre. Most of our frames are constructed with custom Cubitts pins that secure right through the acetate — this is called pin drilling. This process is done by hand and takes more time and skill, but means hinges can be easily maintained.” – Cubitts

For only a £125, you are treated with luxury service and a pair of made to order spectacles.  Frames and prescription lenses are included in the price whether you’re after glasses or sunglasses. However, if you are looking for more sophisticated services, such as a bespoke pair, Cubitts’ staff will be happy to advise you. Extra services have extra charges. In my opinion, and experience of selling and buying luxury goods,  they are value for money.

“Made from recycled cotton fibre and dyed into thousands of colors, Mazzucchelli acetate is lightweight, comes in vibrant colours, and can worked by hand.” – Cubitts

Forget overpriced, designer frames made from cheap plastics, Cubitts deliver exceptional quality for the price. Notably, frames are made using acetate – a cotton based material, which is more environmentally friendly to produce than cheap plastics. If metal frames are more your thing, Cubitts offer stainless steel, titanium and even 18kt gold frames too!

“For our acetate frames, this is typically cellulose acetate delivered from Mazzucchelli in Caetiligione, Italy. Mazzucchelli was founded in 1849 specialising in animal horn, bone and shell but rapidly become innovators in acetate production. Made from recycled cotton fibre and dyed into thousands of colors, Mazzucchelli acetate is lightweight, comes in vibrant colours, and can worked by hand.” – Cubitts

You can order a pair either in-store or online. If you choose online, make sure that you order your 4 pairs of “try at home” glasses. This will help you choose the best style for your face shape. I ordered mine at the store on Jermyn Street and waited about a week for them to become available for collection. Now, my pair of  Whidborne in Dark Turtle is about  5-6 months old and even with daily wear, they look as sturdy, comfortable and classy as the day I purchased them. The quality really shines through.

With my purchase, I also received a hard case, an optical screwdriver for fastening the pins, a soft pouch and a beautiful cleaning cloth. These additional items were included in the original price of £125 – making the glasses the most affordable luxury glasses on the market.

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