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iida Jewellery – Artisan accessories made from real flower petals

Photo by Pollen Duo.


Cruising through the Greenwich Market with my eyes wide open, not really looking for anything but still observing each trader’s unique offer, I noticed a garden of jewellery. Flower petals turned into delicate earrings and necklaces. Each piece unique – not like the other. Soft, elegant colours and the intricate details of the flower petals as if magnified under the perfect coating of resin that preserves them. They were mesmerizing.

But as someone who rarely wears jewellery, I didn’t plan on buying any so I observed and then I left the stand. But something inside me just couldn’t let go. I realised that I wanted to support the craftswoman and her trade, after all, she had what I liked: quality and unique pieces, and she handmade the pieces herself. I couldn’t allow myself to leave the market without returning to her stand called iida Jewellery. “Is it a present?” the polite tradeswoman asked me. “No, it’s for me” I replied.  She smiled and helped me find something I’d love. There it was – the last piece of the colour. The light, moss-green tone thread-through earrings that I have dreamed of we’re right there – I had to have them. I paid £37 for a pair of unique sterling silver earrings. But not before she explained a little about the process of how she makes them.  Firstly, she picks seasonally available flowers and then preserves their petals. She works in stages before coating the petals with resin to seal in the unique form and hue of each piece. Finally, she attached the chains, hoops and other silver or gold pieces to complete the work. Her handcrafted works of art then speak for themselves: Handcrafted to perfection. Absolutely dreamy.

You can find iida Jewellery at the Picadilly Market between Wednesdays and Saturdays, or at the Greenwich Market on Sundays.

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