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OOTD: British Countryside Look

On a chilly Saturday morning I woke myself up with the realisation that the summer was over. But I could not help myself and still, I picked my favourite floral midi-skirt meant for hot summer days and contemplated what to do with it. I fought off thoughts of retiring it for the season. Then it dawned on me. I figured that if I could pair boots with the calf-length skirt then I could still squeeze one last, season-appropriate look from it. And there it was. A day outfit – inspired by none other but the beautiful British countryside and its traditional attire.

To recreate the look:

Lookout for a quality when picking a tweed jacket. Check that it is, at least, 80% wool. Mine is from Ralph Lauren. However, if you’re on a tight budget, look out for natural materials (wool, wool/cotton, wool/linen blend). Poly-blends and acrylics will not allow your skin to breathe-resulting in sweating. Also, these materials are awful for the environment, so avoid them.  Secondly,  check the lining and the stitching. Is it stitched well together?

I purchased my floppy felt hat from Massimo Dutti a few years ago, however, you can find a  similar one in Anthropologie. My boots are from Hermès. What you may not realise about this fashion mega-house is that they invest time and money in picking the highest quality and environmentally responsible materials. “Hermès is an attentive, concerned and committed company which conducts its business in a way that respects its ecological, social, economic and cultural environment.”Hermès.  So if it the ultimate luxury you are after,  Hermès is a safe bet.

Alternatively, Joseph Cheaney & Sons produce beautiful good-year welted women’s boots and shoes – shoe making knowhow that is usually and mostly reserved for men. So take advantage of their craftsmanship, British heritage and style! Also, vegans and those looking for animal-free boots can find English heritage style shoes at Bourgeois Boheme. Lastly, my skirt was actually gifted to me. Produced by the not-so-ethical brand, Zara, I am reluctant to recommend. However, I do recommend People Tree when looking for a responsibly produced skirt. Their current skirts are rather similar to the Zara skirt I own. BONUS TIP: If you are trying to buy less, try clothes-swapping activities with your friends or colleagues.

Buy less but invest in quality pieces and be more environmentally friendly. Investing in key style pieces like the classic tweed jacket means that you will never be out of style and will save money in the long-term.  Avoid buying more – just buy better.


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