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As I navigate the blogging world and learn how to make this website as accessible and interesting for you as possible, I have recently made some cosmetic tweaks to the look of my blog. Though, I know that it’s not what blogging should be about. I should be able to just bang out content that is important and enriching. However, I often find myself skipping over the horrid websites that make me work hard to navigate them. I don’t want you to have to experience this.

So as a professional procrastinator, I slowly focused on making tweaks to the look of this site that will, hopefully, make the reading experience more pleasant. One of these tweaks involved me joining Bloglovin for you – who already use this platform. Bloglovin’ makes following blogs easy – you can read posts and follow them in one place. To follow me on Bloglovin’ follow the link above. Please let me know if this is useful and if you’d like to see me incorporate Pintrest too!


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  1. First impressions: Your site is beautiful.

    1. Thank you!

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